Kenya Airways to launch Ksh3,000 Jambo Jet flights on April 1

Kenya Airways is planning to launch a low-cost subsidiary airways Jambo Jet that will see travellers fly for as low as Ksh3,000.



The flight, which will begin operation in April 1 is set to change the air travel industry in Kenya and attract road travellers in additional to taking competition in the aviation industry a notch higher.

A return ticket to Mombasa from Nairobi is set to cost Ksh6,000 which is 65% lower compared to the KQ airplanes and other flights plying the same route.

The low-cost jet will, however, come with minimum comfort since the traveller will be required to pay for refreshments on board, part with Ksh500 for a suitcase and pay up to Ksh850 to book a specific seat.

Jambo Jet is scheduled to first fly to Kisumu, Eldoret and Mombasa from Nairobi before proceeding to the other neighboring countries in year’s time.

The plane will operate two Boeing B737s which carry about 142 passengers per class keeping the cost per seat lower than that of KQ which accommodates 160 passengers on two separate classes.

According to JamboJet CEO Willem Alexander Hondius the aim of the low-cost Jambo Jet is not to steal passengers from KQ but to “grow the pie and add new passengers on board.”

Passengers can book their flight tickets as early as February 27, 2014.

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